Senior Center Membership

SBCA Begins New Membership at Tosh Collins Senior Center

Starting January 1, 2023, the South Buffalo Community Association will begin a new annual membership at the Tosh Collins Center for Senior Programs. Throughout 2022, our programs have grown so much with special events, day trips, and classes. On more than one occasion, we’ve sold out and started waiting lists. With this new membership program, our members will have first priority. There will also be pricing discounts on select events and trips. The fee for 2023 will be $10 for an annual membership.

2023 SBCA—Tosh Collins Membership—- $10

  • Early Registration for Special Events, Trips, and Classes
  • Discounted Prices for Special Events & Trips
  • Members-Only Special Events & Trips
  • Advance Preview of upcoming Special Events, Trips & Classes
  • Exclusive access to Discount Exercise Card

One-year memberships can start anytime of the year.
See Kim to start your membership today!