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University Express Classes- Summer Semester

University Express offers free educational classes for older adults in Erie County. You will find classes in a variety of categories, including current affairs, history, humanities, finance and medicine. Classes are designed to stimulate the mind and provide opportunities to build social networks, thereby reducing social isolation. No homework or tests, just exciting discussions alongside peers with similar interests!

2022 Topics for Summer University Express Courses at Tosh Collins Center

Monday, May 2 – 10 amFree Alternatives for Apps & Websites - Do you want the advantages of brand name software or applications, but without the cost? Learn about free alternatives to popular tech products such as Microsoft Office, Netflix, Spotify, Norton Antivirus, and more. Instructor: The Buffalo & Erie County Public Library’s Techknow Lab

Monday, May 9 – 10 am – What is Mental Health? Mental health is just as important as physical health. We’ll talk about mental well-being, mental illness, and ways to get help. Instructor: Mark O’Brien, LCSW-R, Commissioner, Erie County Department of Mental Health

Monday, May 16 – 10 am – Being Social on Social Media – Join us for a lesson on how platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Toc are used; how they work; and how you can join. Instructor: Cassandra Kubiak, M.S., Director of Enrollment Marketing, Niagara University

Monday, May 23 – 10 am – 7 Key Decisions for Right Sizing – It’s impossible to know the answers when you are unsure of the questions. This Program spells out the 7 Key Decisions that help to identify your preferences and put together a lower stress approach to moving to a smaller residence.  Instructor: Michael Olear, Olear Team/MJ Peterson

Monday, June 6 – 10 am – ID Theft and Credit – Let’s talk about ways to ensure your identity is protected and what exactly goes into your credit score. You’ll learn how to obtain your free annual credit score and what to do if you find incorrect information on your credit report. Instructor: Jess Poleon, Director of Consumer Protection, Erie County Office of Public Advocacy

Monday, June 13 – 10 am – Tips for Tough Conversations: Doctor Visits, Driving, Legal & Financial Concerns – If you know someone who is experiencing changes in memory, thinking and behavior, this educational program provides tips and strategies for difficult – but important – conversations about changes that may be related to dementia.  Instructor: Alzheimer’s Association, WNY Chapter

Monday, June 27 – 10 am – Protecting Yourself Online: How often do you change your password? Is your WIFI connection secure? Are your photos backed up? Learn about ways to keep your personal information safe online and what to be on the lookout for. Instructor: Nathan Bake, Information Security Officer, Erie County

Monday, July 11 – 10 am Safe Dating Practices: A presentation which will discuss how dating has changed a lot over the years including, safe sex, catfishing scams, and other scenarios you may encounter while dating. Instructor: Nicole Cassata, Outreach Aide, Erie County Department of Health

All courses are free of charge. You must register in advance of the class. Call Kim at 822-4532 x0 or email [email protected]




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