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SBCA Says Farewell to Our Interns

I cannot believe another year has passed. Once again, we have to say goodbye to two outstanding colleagues, Alexis Rowe and Eric Shiel. Alexis and Eric joined us in October 2022 to fulfill their first-year internship requirement for their Master of Social Worker (MSW) Degree at the University at Buffalo: School of Social Work. Here is what they said about their experience with us:

As an MSW intern at SBCA, the most monumental and captivating experience has been conducting home visit assessments with clients. I greatly appreciate the ability to have individual, hands-on experience with clients as I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. A primary career focus of mine has been fostering the development of relationships with clients, and SBCA has been an integral part of that journey.” - Eric Shiel

During my internship at SBCA, my favorite experience was the SBCA Snowball! I loved seeing everyone getting their pictures taken and having a good time! My co-intern and I made the appetizers and it was a wonderful opportunity to help put together such a fun event!” - Alexis Rowe

Regardless of the task, both Alexis and Eric were essential parts of the SBCA family. Although Alexis and Eric ended their internship in May 2023, the memories and stories we shared will always be cherished and long-lasting. Thank you Alexis and Eric for your time at SBCA and we wish you the best in your future careers.



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