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Lunch & Learns Return!

University Express returns to the Tosh Collins Senior Center with another great line-up for the Spring Semester. Our Lunch & Learns have been so popular with some classes standing room only! Sign up with Kim at the front desk or call 822-4532 to register for lunch and to learn then stay for BINGO !


Friday May 3- 11:30 AM
Western New York First (and a couple seconds) with Alan Nowicki
Take this fun journey through Western New York history with various facts and stories about the people, inventions and accomplishments that were first done in our area.


Friday May 17- 11:30 AM
Half a Century of Working Women
with Cheryl McDonald
From Irish immigrants arriving on ships to Rosie the Riveter building war planes, women have helped shape our city and beyond. Whether managing the world's largest box company or running a nightclub on Michigan Avenue, Buffalo women have not shied away from hard work and entrepreneurship. We’ll look at the period from 1900 to 1950 to meet some of these amazing women


Friday May 31- 11:30 AM
Buffalo's Sporting Life
with Joe Wasik
Are you a diehard Buffalo Sabres fan? Do you keep rooting for the Bills year after year? Are you just getting into all that Buffalo sports has to offer? Whether an aficionado or an amateur, this talk is for you! Presented through the eyes of a 60-year-old lifelong Buffalo sports fan, this talk will focus on professional sports in Buffalo through the years, including the history of the Bills, the Bisons, the Braves, the Sabres, and more


Friday June 14- 11:30 AM
The Irish and the Erie Canal
with Michael McCarthy
The Erie Canal was intended to be built with local labor however the further west they went the labor force dwindled. The canal was completed with the help of poor, unpopular, and unruly Irish immigrants. This presentation chronicles the issues and scope of the Irish intrusion.


Friday June 28- 11:30 AM
Remembering Buffalo's Yesteryear Restaurants
with Marla Bujnicki
Step back in time to when the Park Lane was a converted mansion on Gates Circle, Liberace was gaining popularity courtesy of the DiGuilio family- owned 3l Club, the Cloister was the place to be seen and you were spun around, albeit lightly, as you enjoyed a beverage at the Chez Ami. Both memories and taste buds will be revived as we recall and share some of our more memorable dining experiences.


Friday July 12- 11:30 AM
History of Buffalo Roadways: From Footpaths to Roundabouts!
with Kenneth Kuminski
We sure have come a long way from the unexplored wilderness our area was at the end of the Revolution in 1783! WNY is home to two major east-west transcontinental highways - Interstate 90, the longest route in the Interstate Highway System, and U.S. Route 20, the longest road in the older US Numbered Highway System and also the longest road in America. Join us to learn more fascinating history about our Buffalo Roadways.



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